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Pre-14: Communicate with Impact: Elevate Yourself as a Leader

Tuesday, April 9 at 9:00 AM

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Although bright, brilliant, and even articulate, many technology professionals (including executives and upper-level management) struggle with communication—a skill that when lacking can diminish success and stifle a career. Improving one's communication skills is a step toward success in the organization, as well as a powerful addition to any professional's skillset.

Basic communication requires that information is shared between people; the content is seen/heard and understood. Unfortunately, many technically oriented professionals believe that saying or writing-and-sending something means that it has been communicated. Interestingly enough, personal and professional confidence--a trait associated with IT professionals--often exacerbates the problem. Very confident people, especially those who see things as black or white, don't seem to understand why they should adjust content that seems perfectly clear, logical, and even meticulously written. They often miss the fact that their intended message is obscure or void of meaning to their audience.

There are nuances to communication that help ensure that information is received, considered, and understood in the way that it was meant to be understood; that the message is compelling and has impact. Successful IT leaders must both know technology and know how to communicate with impact to build relationships, encourage action, and create results.

This workshop helps technology professionals (especially managers, directors, and executives) understand what it means to communicate with impact and gives participants actionable tips to improve their communications skills and enhance their success within any organization.

Olinda Hubbs

Associate Director, Strategic Communications and Initiatives

Southern Illinois University

Olinda Hubbs is a seasoned communications strategist who's had an extensive career leading strategic communication initiatives that allow organizations--and the executives leading those businesses--to tell their best stories. For the last five years, she has worked with the Office of Information Technology at Southern Illinois University to elevate the department's image, reputation, and effectiveness among departmental and university stakeholders.