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Breakfast Briefing: Tools for Success: Active Listening and Other Conflict Resolution Skills

Thursday, April 11 at 7:30 AM

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Conflict is everywhere. At home. At work. With family, friends, coworkers, end users, and customers. Fortunately, strong active listening and conflict resolution skills can help you navigate these difficult situations. In this briefing, James Province will share practical skills for dealing with difficult people and working through challenging situations by deescalating conflict. Learning to use active listening skills to make sure the other person is not only heard by you but understood by you is a key component to better communication and conflict deescalation. Knowing how to listen actively and seek compromise are skills that will serve you well in all aspects of life.

James Province

Lead Software Pro
BrainStorm, Inc.

James Province is the lead software pro for BrainStorm, Inc., a Microsoft Partner. He has a talent for bringing knowledge and humor together to teach people and organizations how to work smarter and not harder by leveraging Microsoft technology. James is versatile and able to train in front of audiences large and small, live and virtual. He's also a skilled facilitator who helps people envision new ways to work more efficiently. James received his JD from the University of Iowa and practiced as a lawyer for 20 years before moving into IT.