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Breakfast Briefing:The Role of the Technical Trainer on the Service Desk

Thursday, April 11 at 7:30 AM

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The role of an end-user technical trainer is to develop and implement training, via various methods, as an aid to self-help, focusing on educating customers on the technologies they use every day as well as new technologies they may not yet have experienced. When technical trainers are actually part of the service desk, the customer can be that much more confident in the trainer's IT knowledge and expertise. The result is often an increase in self-help engagement, fewer calls to the service desk, and more empowered, educated customers. In this briefing, Laurie Lukken will share insight into:

  • Gaining company buy-in for an IT-focused trainer
  • Defining the skills needed in an effective trainer
  • Matching training medium to topic complexity

Laurie Lukken

Solution Center Manager
Nebraska Furniture Mart

Laurie Lukken has more than three decades of experience in IT, consisting of programming, analysis, project management, and managing end-user support functions within the telemarketing and retail industries. She launched two separate service desks from the ground up, and she's a firm believer in teaching customers to fish, rather than simply solving issues and sending customers on their way. Laurie is currently the VP of Programs for the HDI Nebraska local chapter.