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Breakfast Briefing: Knowledge-Centered Support: Let's Do IT!

Thursday, April 11 at 7:30 AM

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Do you remember that issue we experienced briefly last year and how we resolved it? Yeah...neither do we. How about those new employees that need to be trained, but you have so little time to do that, so you ultimately end up throwing them to the wolves with near zero preparation? Yeah, guilty. I mean, knowledge transfer? What's that? Sounds neat.

Join Denise Rogge and Jessica Clarkson for a briefing where they'll share how Chippewa Valley Technical College's support structure evolved from a collection of random documents, sticky notes, and chicken scratch to a new knowledge-centric environment that utilizes UW-Madison's knowledge base to lower incident rates and promote self-service.​

Denise Rogge

Desktop Services Manager
Chippewa Valley Technical College

Denise Rogge is the desktop services manager at Chippewa Valley Technical College, where she's responsible for the management and day-to-day operations of desktop services and the service desk. This includes delivery of the college's computing environment, frontline support, operational support, asset lifecycle management, technology strategy, budget planning, leadership, and advancing service support standards. She's a certified HDI Desktop Support Manager with additional certification in KCS Fundamentals. As a long-time HDI member and conference attendee, she has also presented KCS strategy at local conferences such as Brainstorm and WiscNet.

Jessica Clarkson

KnowledgeBase Administrator
Chippewa Valley Technical College

Jessica Clarkson started her IT career in 2010 when she enrolled in the IT Computer Software Developer program at Chippewa Valley Technical College. She graduated from CVTC in 2012 and was hired as a full-time desktop services technician for the college the following year. When she isn't working directly with the students and staff of CVTC, she's working indirectly to help them by creating articles for the CVTC knowledge base. Jessica became an HDI member in 2013 and earned her KCS certification in 2015; she's also an active participant in the HDI Minnesota local chapter.