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Breakfast Briefing: 5 Lessons on How to Operationalize Empathy into your Business

Wednesday, April 10 at 7:30 AM

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In this session, Tiffany will show you how to successfully operationalize empathy in your business, especially across your customer-facing teams. She will underscore why genuine CSR strategies must be authentically baked into a company's business model to tackle tangible, thorny issues. And with 70% of Americans believing that a company has an obligation to improve issues that may not be relevant to everyday business, why it's a damn good business strategy.

Megan Trotter

Director, Social Impact


Megan Trotter is the Director, Social Impact at Zendesk, a tech company located in the Tenderloin in San Francisco, a neighborhood which is commonly known for its crime and poverty. Megan oversees the community programming for Zendesk in San Francisco and its offices around the globe. Her scope includes but is not limited to grants, volunteering, in kind donations, and other collaborative initiatives. She has overseen the launch of Link-SF, a mobile platform that connects people in need with critical services around them, and its global instances. Additionally, she launched the Zendesk Basics Community Certification program which trains individuals with hiring barriers in customer service best practices and how to use Zendesk's software. Through this program, in collaboration with local nonprofits, individuals have been able to gain employment in the customer support field. Her educational and employment background include international development, social services, and tech.