Breakfast Briefing 2:Case Study: Texas A&M University's Sprint Towards Continual Service Improvement

Wednesday, April 11 at 7:30 AM

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Three years ago, Texas A&M University launched a new service management platform; since then, they have implemented incident, knowledge, problem, project, and change management, along with a self-service portal and the KCS methodology. In this session, Jon Griffey and Matt Lacy will share Texas A&M's ITSM journey: the road to implementation, the lessons learned, and the ongoing progress toward continual service improvement.

Matt Lacy

Senior IT Manager, Help Desk Central
Texas A&M University

Matt Lacy is the senior IT manager for Texas A&M University's Help Desk Central. Matt leads a team of approximately 50 student workers and six full-time staff to operate A&M's central help desk. With more than 15 years of IT experience, Matt plays an integral strategic role in many of the organization's continual service improvement efforts.

Jon Griffey

Associate Director, Service Desk
Texas A&M University

Jon Griffey is a graduate of Texas A&M University Class of 2002, and now serves as an Associate Director with the University's Division of Information Technology. With over 16 years of IT experience, Jon oversees the Service Desk operations which includes Help Desk Central, the university Software Center and Computer Repair & Support services.