HDI Information Technology Conference 2019

Customer Case Study: Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

Wednesday, April 10 at 7:30 AM

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Today's consumers are accustomed to easy and frictionless experiences with their technologies. They expect to be able to use any device, no matter where they are, to do pretty much anything—and their expectations at work are no different. But IT Support tools are still caught in the dial-up age. With an increasingly remote and mobile workforce, how can IT Departments effectively support these growing needs? In this session, we'll explore how organizations primed to deliver innovative solutions, such as self-service AI and mobile support, can resolve issues faster, reduce costs, and ultimately satisfy their end-users.

In this session you'll learn:
• How businesses are challenged to support and provide the best experience for modern workers, including mobile support
• How AI-enabled and collaborative solutions benefit IT organizations
• How to leverage new technologies to improve your remote and cloud-based IT support capabilities

Sam Armstrong

Solutions Consultant

Sam Armstrong has been with LogMeIn for nearly four years, spanning roles across the customer support organization. As a customer success manager, Sam is responsible for increasing product adoption and usage by empowering customers to better understand their business and helping them leverage all the features and functionality that LogMeIn products have to offer.

Matthew Ernst

VP of Digital Services, Business Development & Learning
Thomas Jefferson University

Paul Pierson

Manager, Business Development, ServiceNow Digital Innovation, and Consumer Experience
Thomas Jefferson University